Food as Medicine

In Alternative Modes of health and wellness; all disease begin in the gut. Nutrition is the core modifiable factor in preventing, managing and reversing chronic diseases.

We produce different food items that can be included in your regular diet to achieve this level of health and wellness; and share information about their use in our blog.

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Our main food crops

Medicinal Plants.

We have grown over 12 species of aromatic herbs and medicinal shrubs (including artemisia, sage, thyme, stevia, chia seeds, red raspberry, moringa and hibiscus). These are used as raw ingredients in our processing of herbal teas, infusions and powders.

We also use them in our Beauty Remedies formulation in their natural or distilled form.

Grains, roots & tubers.

We grow and obtain from farmers around us a variety of roots (including yam, cassava, sweet potatoes ) pumpkin, grains (soya, sorghum and millet) which we use to make composite flours which have superior benefits for maintaining health, managing diseases and preventing them.


We use various fruits to make dried snacks and sugar-free jam. This include bananas, mangoes, pomegranate, mulberry, passion fruit, tree tomato, pawpaw, gooseberry, avocado and guavas. We will also be pressing oil from some of them to obtain food-grade and cosmetic grade oil.

Our Products.

The state of health is not a destination but a journey; nutrition is a critical part that affects how we look, feel and the energy we have each day. Healthy eating habits take time and effort to develop and grow. We hope to be an inspiration and offer our best produce to achieve this purpose.

Here on our farm in Ndalu, we have set up production lines to process our produce and create products for you and your family to enjoy. They are formulated to offer specific sets of health benefits for your body so as to promote health and wellness. You will not miss something that you can start with on your journey.

Herbal Infusions

Teabags that can be steeped into hot or cold fluids then drank for their unique taste and medicinal value.

Every herb is unique in its health benefits; our infusions combine at least 6 different herbs based on the health benefits they impart in a specific area of the body.

They help manage, reverse and prevent chronic diseases.

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Herbal teas

We take normal tea leaves and blend with herbs to create daytime and nighttime tea combinations.

Our teas are available as:

  • Purple tea.

  • White tea.

  • Green tea.

  • Oolong tea.

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Herb infused honey

We combine herbs and honey. Something sweet with desirable health benefits.

We create two kinds of infusions:

  • Honey with lemon and eucalyptus.

  • Honey with rosemary, lavender, sage and lemon verbena.

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Herbal seeds

Herb seeds are the new superfoods in town. They offer super combinations of complex nutrition which can be used to replace processed foods in our diet; and manage disease. We grow a wide range of herb seeds including:

  • Chia seeds.

  • Dill seeds.

  • Fennel seeds.

  • Fenugreek seeds.

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